The Georgia Peach

      The stem breaks in early fall and the ripe Georgia peach drops to the ground and begins to spoil.  When the peach cuts ties from the tree, many processes end and many begin.  Much like an umbilical cord, the stem maintains internal balance for the peach and without this tether, waste cannot escape and nutrients cannot enter.  Enzymes activate and the fruit loses structural integrity.  Starches breakdown into simple sugars and the fruit grows ever sweeter.  Cut off from circulation, its natural defenses weaken.  Microorganisms colonize its surface, waiting for a break in the skin.  Bacteria, mold, and yeast naturally infect the rich bounty of sugar within the body.  

      Employed by a compression pump company specializing in circulatory disorders, I drove through rural Georgia.  I was on my way to treat a morbidly obese patient with open venous ulcers.  After my visit I couldn’t help making the connection between spoiling peaches and spoiling people.  Although it seems like an inhumane comparison, it comes from compassion.  This patient was just scraping by with the support of their family and their future looked grim.  At this level of unhealth, cellulitis outbreaks were commonplace.  Far past 500 pounds, lobules of fat hung off their thighs and backs making getting out of bed a two person job.  

      How did this patient end up here and why are there so many people trapped in the same situation?   I’m dedicated to thoroughly understanding the answer to this question.  MetaFlex is an expression of the same curiousity.  Only MetaFlex is health centric, instead of pathological.  

Our guiding philosophy,

“Health is not the absence of disease, disease is the absence of health”

- Anonymous 







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