Our Mission

MetaFlex wants its community to thrive.  MetaFlex will never tout a product as a be-all-end-all-cure-all-stand-alone-remedy.  All nutritional supplements do not stand alone and are only effective when added to a nutritious diet, an adequate exercise regimen, and good sleep hygiene.  When these pillars of health are strong, our supplements can make you even stronger.  Our products are meticulously vetted to ensure safety and efficacy.  Moreover, all pertinent, scientific literature will be shared via our site.  Our first product, Ketone IQ, is a product I use myself.  It has helped me both achieve and maintain ketosis.  When I’m in ketosis I can process information faster, retrieve minute details quicker, and recall faint memories better.  In addition to the mental boost, I can push myself harder physically and sustain intense cardio.

Danny McCormick

Founder & CEO

  • Fano W.

    “First workout on ketones and I set a new PR. Ketone IQ truly enhanced my performance. I feel like I could do another HIIT class”

  • Rob C.

    “Ketone IQ gave me calm energy and focus, helping me finish writing my first book for veterans.”

  • Anthony G.

    “Ketone IQ turns my brain on like nothing but deep states of keto do.”

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